America Is Still A Land Of Opportunity

One of the best reasons to come to the United States is to find new work opportunities. That is true for farm workers to computer programmers and everyone in between. Because the United States is increasingly protective of work opportunities for U.S. citizens, it's crucial for those seeking to work legally in Austin, San Marcos, or elsewhere in the U.S. to consult with an experienced attorney in order to navigate this country's complicated visa application process.

The employment immigration lawyers at The Tellez Law Firm, PLLC can help you secure whatever employment-based visa you are seeking. Even though the Trump administration has signaled its intent to restrict immigration to the United States, employment-related visas are still available and in some industries foreign workers are in very high demand.

A Good Job Is Part Of The American Dream

The U.S. offers work visas for every kind of worker. That includes:

  • Temporary visas for farm workers and other seasonal workers
  • Visas for entrepreneurs seeking to form a business in the United States, creating jobs for both U.S. citizens and non-citizens
  • Visas for skilled workers whose talents are uniquely useful to an American company

Work With Lawyers Who Understand Your Needs

The attorneys at The Tellez Law Firm, PLLC represent clients who have immigrated to the United States from all over the world, and our goal is to keep your life running smoothly for as long as you would like to remain in this country.

To see how the Tellez Law Firm can help in your case, contact us online or call us at 512-774-6832 and schedule an initial consultation in our Austin, Texas, office.