Visas For Short-Term Visits To The U.S.

Not all foreign visitors to the United States wish to remain for an extended periods. Those making a shorter visit might nevertheless need a tourist visa, business visa, religious visa, or other non-immigrant visa in order to enter the country.

The Tellez Law Firm, PLLC will help ensure that you are prepared to enter and leave the United States without confusion or obstacles. Whether you are coming to Austin to go sightseeing, visit friends and family, attend a work-related conference, or perform religious work on an R visa, we can help you cross America's borders quickly and confidently.

Don't Leave Your Non-Immigrant Visa Petition To Chance

Citizens of certain countries are eligible to enter the United States for short-term stays without a visa. Visa Waiver Program Designated Countries include many countries in Europe as well as Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Japan, and several others.

If you are unsure of your visa needs, we will analyze your citizenship and residency status and help you initiate a visa application through the State Department if necessary.

Work With Attorneys Who Understand Your Needs

The immigration lawyers at The Tellez Law Firm, PLLC represent clients who have immigrated to the United States from all over the world, and our goal is to keep your life running smoothly for as long as you would like to remain in this country.

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