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Federal judge rules DACA protections must stay in place

Since U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced on September 5, 2017 that the Trump administration would be terminating the Deferred Action for Child Arrivals program starting March 2018, dreamers have lived with uncertainty on whether or not Congress would act to keep protections in place.

Some of that uncertainty has been taken away, thanks to a recent ruling by a federal judge in California. U.S. District Court Judge William Alsup ruled on January 9 that safeguards against deportation must remain in place for those protected under the DACA program while a legal challenge to ending the program proceeds.

White House considering new strategies for illegal immigration

A proposed measure to separate parents from their children is being considered, although the Trump administration has not publicly disclosed the plans. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is ramping up efforts to curb illegal immigration after a recent spike. The DHS has approval new measures, but haven’t confirmed what the measure are and when they will be implemented.


Can a car accident land you in a Texas detainment center?

Drivers assume a certain level of inherent risk when getting into a vehicle. No matter how safe you are behind the wheel, there is a chance you will be the unlucky driver to encounter a reckless motorist and get into a car accident.

For immigrants, this can cause particular nervousness if they are worried about being detained. There have been cases in the past where undocumented immigrants were involved in a car accident they didn’t cause and were questioned by police on their immigration status.

Can I be deported for just any criminal conviction?

These days, families in the U.S. despair when a family member is found guilty of a crime.

They are correct, those criminal convictions can lead to deportation. But they need to know that not all sentences lead to this result.

Bike riding isn’t just for kids

Riding a bike has changed. Kids and adults alike embrace the all-American activity, but it’s not just for recreation. Bicycle commuting has increased in recent years as doctors emphasize physical fitness and others embrace green practices. Today, 5.5 percent of Austinites in the city core commute to work, while a study by the Governors Highway Safety Association finds that just 2.2 percent of children bike to school.

There are different safety issues with more adults on bikes. Adults interact more with cars and at all hours of the day, putting them in greater risk of collision. Using the most recent data, the GHSA study showed a 12.2 percent increase in fatal bike accidents in 2015, with the average age of the cyclist killed as 45 years-old.

Undocumented workers and workplace injuries

You go to work every day expecting to hit your goals. You plan on putting in your time and then going home to your family. Your priority is being safe and making a living. You strive to take care of your family. With that being said, you know that accidents can happen. Accidents happen in all corners of our lives. Sometimes they happen at work.

A workplace injury can greatly alter your life.

Federal judges consider constitutionality of 'sanctuary city' law

Last Monday, a federal judge in San Antonio held a hearing on the constitutionality of Texas's new "sanctuary city" prohibition. Meanwhile, several jurisdictions and nonprofits are actively planning either to flout the new law or to challenge it in court. On Thursday, the Texas Attorney General's Office asked another federal judge in Austin to consolidate the 

Are you an immigrant worried about your business in Texas?

How the new presidential administration will affect Texas immigrants remains to be seen. There has been a lot of mention of various changes in the law since President Donald Trump took office. In fact, some new regulations are set to take effect in July. The situation has many business owners worried, not only about their own legal statuses, but about their financial interests as well. 

Undocumented immigrants have rights in the workplace, P.2

We've been looking in recent posts at some of the serious challenges undocumented workers face in the workplace, including violation of their legal rights. Among these are the right to be free from discrimination based on race and color, national origin, as well as religion. 

Undocumented immigrants have rights in the workplace, P.1

Last time, we began discussing the important role undocumented workers play in certain industries, and the unfortunate reality of employer exploitation of undocumented workers. Among the risks undocumented workers face on the job are dangerous working conditions, lack of workers' compensation when an injury occurs, illegal discrimination, and unpaid wages and overtime. 

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