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April 2017 Archives

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals and your rights

Under the current administration, many immigrants are living with certain fears that they could be detained, interrogated or even deported because of their current status. If you are a child of an immigrant and came to the United States as a young child, you may also have these fears and live with concerns about your future. 

Federal Court blocks enforcement of President Trump's "sanctuary city" executive order

We previously mentioned on this blog that President Trump's executive order authorizing the defunding of sanctuary cities was hit with its first blow in court when a federal judge recognized that the city of San Francisco, as well as Santa Clara County, had standing to proceed with the legal challenge. Now, the federal judge handling the case has blocked the enforcement of the order while the case is tried.

Immigrants: work with experience legal counsel to fight criminal charges, deportation efforts

When an immigrant is charged with a crime, it is important for the immigrant to understand that he or she has legal rights. Not only do immigrants have legal rights associated with the criminal case, but they also have legal rights associated with the deportation process.

Legality of sanctuary city policies a subject of contention

As we've noted previously on this blog, sanctuary cities are currently a hot topic as the Trump administration makes changes in federal immigration policy, having signed an executive order earlier this year aimed at ending support for sanctuary cities. Again, Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Governor Gregg Abbot are both in support of cutting funding to cities that do not cooperate with efforts to enforce federal immigration law, but the issue remains contentious in many places.

Trump's sanctuary city order takes first hit in federal court

As readers are probably aware, President Trump signed an executive order back in January which promised to cut funding to sanctuary cities. The order, as expected, is controversial and has been subjected to legal challenge from the city of San Francisco, among other cities.

Gov. Abbot voices approval for DOJ policy of cutting funding to sanctuary cities

Last week, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that the Department of Justice would be cutting funding to cities that refuse to assist in the enforcement of federal immigration laws. The expectation, according to Sessions, is that cities must comply with federal immigration law in order to receive funding from the agency.

Facts about immigration testing exceptions and accommodations

The immigration system in the United States is strict. The rules are pretty straightforward; however, some leniency is offered to those who need a little assistance and meet the necessary qualifications. For example, if you are an immigrant residing in Texas or elsewhere and you are working toward citizenship and naturalization, immigration authorities may allow exceptions and accommodations to help you get through the examination process.

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