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Alcotest 9510 machine may produce inaccurate breath test results

For some time, defense attorneys have been concerned that the Alcotest 9510 and some other breath testing machines can report inaccurately high breath-alcohol levels under certain circumstances. Now, researchers who examined the machine for a court case have reported several issues that could affect the results of breath tests.

State supreme court orders rapper Meek Mill freed during appeals

In 2008, the rapper Meek Mill, also known as Robert Rihmeek Williams, was convicted on possession of drugs and guns. He served eight months in prison and was placed on probation. That probation order has been extended more than once. Mill allegedly violated it by being arrested twice. One of those arrests was merely a reckless driving charge.

When things get out of hand

How does enjoying Friday night by clubbing turn into a fight with criminal charges filed against you? It can happen in an instant. An angry fellow patron decides to make an argument physical, and you both end up trading blows.

Texas Court of Appeals: Late turn signal doesn't justify search

Andreas M. was pulled over by Houston police in September 2014 after he didn't activate his turn signal until after he began making his way through an intersection. That wasn't, however, the reason for the traffic stop.

Top 5 defense strategies when charged with fleeing the police

You are innocent until proven guilty. All charges including evading the police are subject to fair evaluation before the court. Oftentimes, fleeing the police is a charge added to a larger accusation, such as robbery or vandalism. Either way, the presumed act of evading law enforcement is refutable in court as with any other criminal allegation.

Supreme Court: Texas death row inmate gets mental health review

Under federal law, poor defendants who are accused of a death penalty crime are entitled to have the government pay for "reasonably necessary" defense services such as investigations into their mental health histories.

Texas appeals court: Judge, stop the electric shocks of defendants

Texas's Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals in El Paso has ruled that a Fort Worth judge violated at least one defendant's rights by fitting him with stun belts and shocking him with 50,000-volts of electricity. This was apparently done in order to force an allegedly misbehaving defendant to comply with courtroom decorum. Now, the defendant's conviction has been thrown out.

SCOTUS: Miscalculated illegal re-entry sentence should be fixed

In a case argued this week, the U.S. Supreme Court appeared highly sympathetic to a Texas criminal defendant who happens to be an immigrant. When the defendant pled guilty to illegal re-entry, his sentence was miscalculated. Since the miscalculation was small, however, the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals decided it wasn't worth the trouble to resentence the man. The Supreme Court seemed to think that basic fairness requires it.

An overview of Texas gun control policies

Texas is a proud state. Many Texas residents see their home as a symbol of American freedom. Among these freedoms is the constitutional right to own guns. Like other states, Texas also has unique policies that regulate the sale, ownership and use of guns.

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